Youth-designed Resources

As GET Citians we design cybertools to teach others about issues in green energy technologies that make a difference in our communities and in our world. Our cybertools are meant to be youth-friendly, and incorporate fun and interesting ways to “make a case” for going green while teaching you something about science!

We have presented our work in our classrooms at school and at many other places including workshops and presentations at:

Make a difference! You can present your work, too! Have a look, borrow, or just make your own. Enjoy!

Energy Efficiency & Conservation

  • Make a change! Illustrates how youth conduct a lightbulb audit at their school, and why it matters in terms of CO2 emissions and climate change. Jazzy, Chantalice & Cammie
  • Power sucking pigs: Describes why people need to consider their contribution to energy waste
  • Ringtones: In this PSA we describe an innovation we believe will help create awareness around your energy practices!
  • The story of coal: Video rap explaining the story of coal: how it is harvested and its impact on the environment. Theresa and Bianca
  • The Climate Rap: In this rap, we explain why changing out your old lights to CFLs can help to prevent climate change. Kinyarda, Jayla and Daryll.
  • It’s time to do something: Examines environmental impacts of energy usage. Amber, Keshauna & Morgan
  • It’s electric: Builds a case for energy conservation in everyday youth practices. Will & Tray
  • What will your future be?: Examines the relationship between energy usage and climate change. Chandler & Kaylin
  • The choice is yours: Examines energy consumptions patterns in the US and globally. TT & LuLu
  • How much energy do you use?: Provides a rationale for inquiring into one’s own energy practices. Velnique, Dominique, & Ta’Sia

Alternative Energy

  • GET City News: Describes the importance of solar energy in
  • Solar Arrest: Explains how using electricity generated from coal contributes to climate change, and the role of solar energy in mitigating the impact.
  • Green Jobs: Describes what green jobs are and why they are important. Jeffrey
  • Hybrid Cars: Examines how electric cars work and their impact on CO2 emissions. Jazzy and Nieya
  • Renewable Energy: The pros and cons from popular media perspective. Chandler and Kaylin.

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