Feeling Accomplished!

I think it is important for kids to have the opportunity to feel accomplished with what they are working on. By keeping working on their projects and making it into a bigger better project kids could help to make a difference, and they could become famous for what they are doing.  In electric art kids felt accomplished with the games that they made, and how they helped other kids learn. Basically it’s about what you learned, how you worked on it, and how others saw it and what it meant to them.

I felt accomplished in my maker club a lot of times. It could be like the Little Free STEM Library (LFL) because that is the first thing that came to mind because it’s in front of my face. Last year when we went to the LEAP event, Stephan and I had gotten business cards from people because people wanted us to build more LFLs and put them around the city. I felt accomplished because I didn’t think people would give us business cards, and they did because they wanted more LFLs. LFLs are important because they help other kids practice reading and learn more about science.

This is different from school because at school some teachers make you feel that you can’t be accomplished in life. Here I feel the opposite because we get to make different projects, and at school we don’t get to do it.

It does matter in the community because your projects could go further into different communities. If we were over in the south side where I live, people would be like that is cool, but we could go to the east side and they could learn too. They could learn and make a difference too! Then they would reach out to other communities, and it would just keep growing and growing…

~Autumn, Chief GET City Blogger

World we need your input! GET City investigations!

Hey world! Help us out! In GET City we are  investigating social justice. We want to take some action! And we know a lot about Green Energy that can help us. But we need your help! If you are willing and able, can you please complete our surveys. Our issues matter to us because these are things we have experiences or our friends have and we care about these issues. Please complete our surveys! OK some of you might be thinking like how can green energy help with sexual assault. Well we were thinking that maybe a dance or rap and creating a digital with this in it might help. So, your ideas could help us!

If its OK can you forward this onto as many people as you know?? We kinda want to get 1000 responses!


Sexual Assault

Water Pollution


Homeless Dogs

Foster care


Project Updates

Hi everyone! Its been busy!  This year we have been investigating social justice and oppression. We talked about how lots of different kinds of oppression are related. Across all of us, we are talking about bullying, sexual assault, foster care, water pollution in our cities and much, much more! Last week we had a big event where we surveyed as many people in our community as we could do. Today we started to analyze the surveys. We talked about how many people took each  survey for the groups. There was a good amount of people who took them!!! If you add it all up its over 150! After we took a while on going over them we got into the groups and started to brainstorm on how we can make the videos for what we are working on.

Since i am working with a friend on foster and adoption we were brainstorming on how we talk about how we felt about being in the system and my friend said we should talk about how she felt when she  got adopted. Also we are going to talk about how we can make a way to have kids who are in the system or adopted  come together to make them feel safe about talking about what they have been going threw. For example we are thinking of making a website for the foster system and make a group for kids in the system that dont get to talk about how they feel. If we start doing the group and theres a kid that doesnt want to say how they feel i can do a 1 on 1 talk with them. The reason why we decided to do the group and website for the foster system and adoption is because we were both in the system. My friend was adopted and we’re trying to have kids feel safe around other kids who are in the system and who got adopted.  we hope to get this started really soon.

Back to the City!

Today is the first day back for get city. So far we are talking about what get city is and what we are going to do through out the school year, some stuff we have came up with  pod cast ideas to address issues in the world. One issue they were talking about is transgender issues. For example one thing that transgenders have a problem with is what bathroom they need to go  to. Also some transgender kids are made to feel ashamed of who they are and what are doing to their bodys because people are always telling them are only changing to get attention but in reality they are changing for themselves. I love everyone equally because everyone should feel loved for who they are and they shouldnt feel like they are alone. Also I have have family members who are in the lgbt community and i love them just as much as i love my mom and dad. I love them for who they are because they have a really good personality. In my opinion I would rather hang out with some people in the lgbt  community because they have alot more fun when they are together. But back to the rest of the day. Everyone is now in some small groups going over somemore pod cast about other stuff.

Visiting other makerspaces

Today i went to the library in East Lansing with Day and checked out / bought books for GET City from their new makerspace book area. I also checked out their new makerspace, and I used the studio room in there to do a voice over for Stephen and my video we’re going to make this week.

We bought library-sold books that were 25 cents or like a dollar each. The books could help kids learn how to make things! For example, we got some books that are meant for home carpentry, books that could actually help the greenhouse group and the Little Free Library. We also found some gardening books so that the greenhouse group can learn how to be good gardeners that they wanna be. I guess the point is that I got books that are about science but are really about the things people want to do to make things better.

I also used Garage Band for the first time and used a professional mic. And one of the librarians showed me how to add music in the background so it played while I did the talking.

It was a very productive day! ~ Autumn

A social justice business approach to the Little Free Library

On Tuesday, Stephen and I worked on our 5 minute slide show that we are presenting on march 22nd 2017. In our presentation we talk about the little free stem library that we are making and what it is for and how we are planning on doing with it. For example, we used Google Maps to determine where all of the libraries are in Lansing and when they are open. We figured out we live in a library desert. We really need to provide this service to our community. It should not cost them any money. Everyone deserves to learn how to read.
Also when we practiced our talk on Tuesday, we did it under 5 minutes. I’m glad that me and stephen are making the little free library because its helping kids around Lansing and around the world and I’m hoping that other people tell kids that don’t have a way to the public library about the free library. Also me and sthephen are having lots of fun making the library and we are having fun coming up with new ideas to put in the library and how we are gonna put them in other places other than the boys and girls club. i hope you enjoyed the blog post    -autumn

Video Reflections on our Making Research

Today everyone is making videos about why they picked their ideas, and how they are going to be doing their projects. Also before we all got started with everything we had a conversation about what kind of field trips we should do and how we can convince others that these trips are important. One of the ideas I came up with was we could go to Michigan Tech. Another idea is that we can visit MSU or a Power Plant because if they go to MSU we can go around and ask people the questions they came up with for their projects to get some feed back on what some other people think about what they are doing for their project. Like, for example, K and Z are doing a project about homelessness. They can ask people what they think about it and how they can help with getting shelter and stuff for people who don’t have the money for shelter or food.

Making for our families

Today in GET City, we made posters and painted things for our family. We did this to make presents for our family and have a fun party for the end of 2016. Also, we did end-of-year interviews where we talked and the adults learned more about the members of GET City. Some of the things we talked about were the two big events that we hosted this Fall: the Lights On event and the Arcade Games event. The events were really fun and we got to show people what we created. We taught forces and motion, and we taught younger kids how to make circuits. We were really proud of our work.

Also, we are painting one of our cabinets to make it festive because WE SLAY ALL DAY. We want it to be really colorful in here because we need to bring good vibes and joy to the kids who come in this room. The cabinet is now colorful and amazing. There is also a new display by the front door and it is lit. Literally! There is light-up art inside of it. It’s important that we show it off right by the front door so people can know what we do as soon as they walk in (and know what we all ABOUT!). We are about working hard and showing off our skills and learning. We are all about doing cold stuff. We are all about our business.

– John’Daea, Dae’Johna, Mahkai, and Sara

The Marshmallow Challenge!

Today everyone got into three groups and did the marshmallow challenge. To do this challenge all three groups had to use spaghetti noodles and marshmallows and build a tower that supported the marshmallow. One of the groups had the idea of taping theirs down on the floor so they could make their tower. I never thought of this idea, so that was cool. A lso one of the grouped put tape around the noodles so that they wouldn’t move. Another group used the marshmallows like glue! All of these marshmallow towers turned out great. We also had three different kinds of noodle regular, thick, and thin.     ~ Autumn

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