LEAP event!

Today we all went to the Lansing center for the LEAP event to show our projects! Stephen and I showed our library.  We all did amazing! I just wanna say congrats to the group that won! The group that made the Timmy won first place for tech! The Timmy is a heated light up shoe to keep people warm and healthy in the winter. It is going to be for free or really low cost so that everyone can have one. I had lots of fun. My group got alot of good comments about our little free library. It was the hardest I ever worked. The library will help the kids read and also make things! I will report on the rest of the groups next!


Spring! Maker Kits all around!


The top of our kit!

Today on the second day of Spring,  Stephen and I both worked on the little free library…again!. Stephen started to work on the door for it and I worked on little box kits for kids to make paper circuits. So you guessed it – that is our surprise. We want to have kits not just books so kids can do things at home even if they do not have the supplies at home! We want kids to be able to do what we have done. When me and Stephen got the Plexiglass we noticed that there was a crack in it from when Day cut it for us! But when Stephen made a hole through it it didn’t crack! I guess we are just better with the power tools! But, thanks to Day for cutting itfor us! And thanks to Scott for helping Stephen put the door together! It’s gonna look amazing after the door is put on the shelf! I will update you all on the other groups tomorrow! We have to finish the lights and stuff. We have to get our projects done because we are presenting on Thursday!


The door was NOT easy!

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Isn’t this door amazing!

About the Little Free Library

Today in Get City, Stephen and I worked on our lil free library a lil bit more. We put a back on it to make it not wobble as much as it did, and we are now working on making a door for it. So far it is looking good and we did a lot of hard work in it. We are also making a sign for it next week.

At the table next to us, Kiana and Bee worked on the light up back pack project. They are trying to power the LED lights with piezo electric generators. They have been having a hard time getting it to work. But, today, they soldered 6 of the piezos together with 1 LED light, and Bee, Kiana, Stephen and I all pressed on the piezos to get the light to light up. Guess what? We finally got it to work!!!!

This picture shows Kiana and Bee working on the piezo testing and me and Stephen working in the background.



Little free STEM library

Today me and Stephen were looking up pictures of little free libraries to get some ideas about how we want to make ours. We are excited about being able to share STEM books with everyone! There were some pretty cool ones and we got a really good idea from one of them. I hope we get to make it because it would be really cool to make one. We drew out our ideas and now we will are going to build it!  Also everyone else that is in GET City is working on their inventions.


A picture of what we want our library free library to look like


A sketch of how we will make our library and where it is going to go!


5 minute tops

December 4th,2015
Today is the day! Everyone gets to present their stuff they have been making for the past couple of weeks. I can’t wait to see how creative they are, and there are judges here to check it out. The event today will be amazing ’cause there are a lot of newcomers to GET City and they all have come a long way. I’m one of the junior staffers for GET City and I also do the blog post every week when I’m here. It’s really cool to see new people join, and I love seeing all of these kids enjoy doing science.

Kelih and Simon present their project