Phantom Jacket Update

Stephan and PabloUpdate On Our Invention: We have made progress on our invention. We found out that it is hard work to do our invention! It takes a lot of tasks, thinking and getting the right supplies to do our invention. I learned that we need special supplies to take off all the soldering metal from the circuit board and special tools to solder on any components. Now that we have an understanding of how it works we must get the supplies and our invention will begin to be a success, so people may enjoy our invention. I look forward to finishing my invention and presenting my invention to people at the Boys and Girls Club as well as the MSU students. Go Phantom! ~S

You may want this jacket!

Today I am going to report on a new jacket. It is something every girl might want. It’s a rape alarm jacket. I love the color (RED) and it has a solar panel sewed into it. You pull the alarm when you want help. And you never have to worry about the batteries going out. And that is my report on another great GET City project. ~A, GET City blogger extraordinaireIMG_9923

Two Great GET City Projects!

E has been working on how to make a solar powered shoes. She has been working on this for the past couple of months. J and E have been working on a heated jacket and their heated by solar and re-chargeable batteries. To me I think they have had fun mIMG_9917aking this. Also for E’s project her shoes are gonna be heated by solar panels. For the other groups they have been working so hard on their projects, but these projects were the most interesting to me. These are ones that kids will really want. Now that is Fcience! ~A, GET City blogger extraordinaire


Powering up

We are trying to figure out exactly how to power our rape alarm jacket with a solar panel. We’ll either have rechargeable batteries in the jacket that can be charged later with a solar panel, or we will put solar panels on the jacket. Our big questions are how much energy does this alarm need, how often would we need to recharge the batteries, how long would it take to recharge the batteries, could we find a solar panel that would look nice on the jacket, how do we hook all of these things up, and many more! If you have ideas, put your comments here. ~J & A


A fashionable and sanitary option for when you are sick

Some of you already know (from the earlier post) I have been working on duct tape fashion line. I have hats, ties, and other accessories. My necktie thermometer is a much more sanitary option than the kind you put in your mouth or ear. The necktie will constantly monitor your temperature so that if you are in the hospital or sleeping at home no one has to wake you up to take your temperature. Right now, I have made the ties in a way I think will work, but I need to figure out how to program the circuitry that I have so that it can work with the different temperature sensors I have been looking at. This is taking me a long time. But, for now, you see one of the ties I might use in this design. One of the mentors is testing it out. ~A


Starting our prototypes!

We are starting to build our engineering design prototypes. One of the safety issues I have identified is tripping over untied shoes. I think this important for little kids and for older people, like my gramma. I thought it would be good if we could find an easy and kind of cheap way to make shoes that self tie. And, of course, I want to find a way to power it with either human energy from walking or from solar energy. I have not used power tools before so that is part of what I have to figure out as I work on my project. ~E

Girls with power tools

We have never used a glue gun before, and one of our mentors suggested it might help to keep our bird house stable. But we were a little afraid of it. We didn’t want to mess up our project. So, our mentors said we could play around with it. That made us a little nervous. But, we ended finding some newspaper and our snack wrappers and we made art with it. We were able to display our art, and we figured out exactly how we want to use our glue gun!girls with powertools gluegun

Food Field Trip!

GET City is exploring food around our community from different perspectives: Energy, health and justice. Last week we took a field trip to Market Fresh. While there we had to pick a healthy snack that would feed 20 people for under $20. The task helped us see that it was hard to find something cheap and healthy. We also interviewed people (customers, staff, etc.) about their opinion of the store and what they wanted to see change. We plan to take more field trips to different food places to gather more information. Camistore