About the Little Free Library

Today in Get City, Stephen and I worked on our lil free library a lil bit more. We put a back on it to make it not wobble as much as it did, and we are now working on making a door for it. So far it is looking good and we did a lot of hard work in it. We are also making a sign for it next week.

At the table next to us, Kiana and Bee worked on the light up back pack project. They are trying to power the LED lights with piezo electric generators. They have been having a hard time getting it to work. But, today, they soldered 6 of the piezos together with 1 LED light, and Bee, Kiana, Stephen and I all pressed on the piezos to get the light to light up. Guess what? We finally got it to work!!!!

This picture shows Kiana and Bee working on the piezo testing and me and Stephen working in the background.




Today in get city everyone worked in groups and one group made a battery out of pennies.

The pennies were separated by paper towels soaked in water, salt and vinegar. We measured how many volts the battery would make after we added one to the stack.1 (2)

Getting it done!


Screwing in one of the shelves

Today I worked on the little free library that we are putting in the Boys & Girls Club. I got A LOT done so far. It looks amazing! Just like our blueprints! I wouldn’t of gotten as far as I did if Danny and K wasn’t helping me put it all together. We still have A LOT of work to do, but once we get it done. It’s gonna be the first thing I have done in a while! I can’t wait to see what it turns out to look like. I can’t wait for the kids to get books to read.  Thanks so much for helping me work on it Danny, and thanks for getting all of the materials for me Angie, Y’all are the best!

Also, other kids were working on their projects. C & J are making heated leggings. That is such a good idea- it is so cold outside! They also figured out how to get electricity from the piezo generators (for another group’s project, but C & J figured it out!).

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An update on the little free library!

Today in get city everyone was working on their projects and me and Angie did a power point for the little free library that we are gonna make for the kids/teens at the boys and girls club. We already know how we are gonna make it, and its gonna be amazing! Its gonna be an amazing way for kids to get reading down for school! Here are some highlights:

Who is the library for?

  • It is for the kids (all ages) at the Boys and girls club.
  • They should be able to use it any time of the day, except for when the club is closed.
  • Its not for parents, but parents can use it if there kid cant be there, they can come and get a book for them.

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More making!

Today, everyone is working on their projects. Like, for example, Stephen and I are working on a Little Free Library. We’re going to make it for the Boys and Girls Club so that kids don’t have to go to the Public Library to get a book, they can just get one from the little library at the BGC . I hope we get to make it how we want it!

1 (1)

Little free library in Chicago that one of our mentors saw

Little free STEM library

Today me and Stephen were looking up pictures of little free libraries to get some ideas about how we want to make ours. We are excited about being able to share STEM books with everyone! There were some pretty cool ones and we got a really good idea from one of them. I hope we get to make it because it would be really cool to make one. We drew out our ideas and now we will are going to build it!  Also everyone else that is in GET City is working on their inventions.


A picture of what we want our library free library to look like


A sketch of how we will make our library and where it is going to go!


5 minute tops

December 4th,2015
Today is the day! Everyone gets to present their stuff they have been making for the past couple of weeks. I can’t wait to see how creative they are, and there are judges here to check it out. The event today will be amazing ’cause there are a lot of newcomers to GET City and they all have come a long way. I’m one of the junior staffers for GET City and I also do the blog post every week when I’m here. It’s really cool to see new people join, and I love seeing all of these kids enjoy doing science.

Kelih and Simon present their project