Solving YOUR community problems

Today in GET City, everyone is going around the Boys and Girls Club asking people to take a survey and they also did the survey as well. The survey was about how GET City might help people solve problems in their community, using our science expertise. We asked about what kinds of problems people are having and what kinds of things they would like us to figure out or design for them. We looked at data before everyone went out to interview people and the data were about the 34 people that already took the survey. One of the questions was have you ever used the periodic table, and most of them said no. A lot of them were adults! To me that is surprising that they haven’t used the periodic table before!

Update: We now have 113 surveys completed after the end of GET City today! If you want to take the survey, you can go here:


I Like When My Energy Is Green

P & J remix Drake green style…. as we discuss solving community problems with green energy.

I like when my energy is green

You use to think there was nothing wrong
Late night leaving all the lights on
Wasting energy, all day long
See I like when my energy is green
It can only mean one thing
Ever since I joined get city we wee weeeee
We’ve been learning more about green technology
We’ve made cool inventions and we fixed these problems



Community Ethnography

Today we are going around the community and asking people questions about things that are going around their community and how they feel about it. In our interviews we are telling people  about GET City — who we are and what we do. We solve problems using green energy and engineering design. One of the main questions we are asking is: What problems can we solve for YOU in GET City? You can comment here on this post if you have ideas to share! ~Autumn

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It’s about perspective!


MSU beats U Mich! Today we did observations on the Msu vs Michigan game on Saturday October 17th to see how observations are shaped by perspective! We observed that the Michigan fans were upset that they lost the game and we also observed that Msu was really happy that the game went really good and they won. Also today me and some of the get city members were sketching out a design for our get city shirt we are getting and it is GET CITY IS MY CITY. Also today we are gonna do videos about what we talked about. ~ Autumn

Why should we care?

Today in GC we are seeing how much energy we are using and what are carbon emissions are by doing the carbon footprint calculator. But, the computers were not working well so we decided to make up carbon footprint dances. It was fun but really silly. We decided we might be “as big as a bear” but we have ways to cut back . Our new inventions this year will help. They will use green energy technologies and they will do good things for our community. ~ Fall

Making the Case

On August 26th, GET City Making 4 Change youth makers made their case for a community maker space to the Board of Directors at their local BCG. They presented their research findings where they covered their examination of other area maker spaces, interviews with makerspace leaders around mid-Michigan, interviews with peers and adults, measurements of possible spaces, and their research into tools, resources, and equipment they would need to make their maker space INCLUSIVE of all community members (not just making experts), YOUTH-CENTERED (because all of the spaces they visited did not seem friendly to youth), EMPOWERING (because they want to make in ways that support their community, and they want everyone to know they can be a maker whether they want to go into engineering or not), and EDUCATIONAL (because some people may want to go into engineering and they need knowledge and experience not taught in schools)! THANK YOU YOUTH!



Decomposing our engineering designs

IMG_9295Today we tried to take some next steps on our invention. We had to split our inventions into four parts: What we are powering? What is our power source? How will we store our power? How will we connect everything? For our phantom jacket, we really want to have some cool lights. We were surprised how many batteries it took to light up a string a lights that we could sew into our jacket. We want to use rechargeable batters. We also want to power everything, maybe with wind, maybe with solar. We still have to do some more tests! ~ S, J & M.

Feedback cycle day!


We presented our engineering designs today to a panel of experts. We wanted to get feedback on how build the power part of our designs and other technical parts. My design is a duct tape thermometer. Im actually a duct tape expert. I made the hat I’m wearing today. I have also made a cell phone stand and some other cool glamor accessories. The duct tape thermometer is designed to help with the hygiene issues around taking temperatures. Wouldn’t it be cool to have a way to take temperatures of sick people without worrying about that? The duct tape thermometer will help. Some ideas I got today were to consider other possible sensors in addition to temperature, such as respiration rates or pulse. Also, since I wanted to make this solar powered, I was asked to think about how I might collect and store this energy because honestly the devise is probably going to be used indoors. That is it for now! Thanks for reading. ~A

Fun Science … Fcience!

One of the Making 4 Change things we do is make our own websites. So today, we want to tell you about our website! What we want to accomplish in our website is to help other children do fun science (or Fcience!), if it is for school or if it is just for fun. We are here to help others and give out tips!

We want pretty much everyone that needs it to visit: investors, students, teachers, and others. This source is for people who like to get their hands dirty and have fun with science. If you want to go the easy and boring route please don’t come to us. We will give exciting stuff.

We get all of our ideas for our website by, pretty much, using our brains and thinking of cool things to share with others. We do ethnography to figure out what our community cares about, and we are also doing some technical investigations. We also get TONS of help from our wonderful GET City staff. They have been very supportive.

We are also here to encourage others while trying something NEW. Our website is to EMPOWER people to want to do science. It isn’t to give every single direction. We are who you can come to for fun science inspiration. If you are struggling, we are here. We WANT to help you!! We also want to inspire good feelings about science and not bad ones, like most kids get from school. Anyways we are here for help!!!  Peace out: J&A

For more information, go to our website

Fun Science website!



A light up umbrella

Right now, P’s favorite idea for a new design is a light up umbrella. She picked this idea because it is a safety issue that came up in the surveys. She said that people need to see better when it is dark from night time or from the clouds. She also wants the umbrella to have a heater or cooler to keep you warm or cold. And lastly she wants her umbrella to use green energy. She has the idea that you could put flexible solar panels in the umbrella. Stating that she knows that it might not work so well on a rainy day, she said that her umbrella can be used to keep you shaded in the sun. She might have a battery attached to store the energy from the sun for a rainy day. And we can’t forget about the super cool pocket on the handle so that you can put your phone there, too. Here is her sketch up. ~ A.