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Hi everyone! Its been busy!  This year we have been investigating social justice and oppression. We talked about how lots of different kinds of oppression are related. Across all of us, we are talking about bullying, sexual assault, foster care, water pollution in our cities and much, much more! Last week we had a big event where we surveyed as many people in our community as we could do. Today we started to analyze the surveys. We talked about how many people took each  survey for the groups. There was a good amount of people who took them!!! If you add it all up its over 150! After we took a while on going over them we got into the groups and started to brainstorm on how we can make the videos for what we are working on.

Since i am working with a friend on foster and adoption we were brainstorming on how we talk about how we felt about being in the system and my friend said we should talk about how she felt when she  got adopted. Also we are going to talk about how we can make a way to have kids who are in the system or adopted  come together to make them feel safe about talking about what they have been going threw. For example we are thinking of making a website for the foster system and make a group for kids in the system that dont get to talk about how they feel. If we start doing the group and theres a kid that doesnt want to say how they feel i can do a 1 on 1 talk with them. The reason why we decided to do the group and website for the foster system and adoption is because we were both in the system. My friend was adopted and we’re trying to have kids feel safe around other kids who are in the system and who got adopted.  we hope to get this started really soon.

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