An update on the little free library!

Today in get city everyone was working on their projects and me and Angie did a power point for the little free library that we are gonna make for the kids/teens at the boys and girls club. We already know how we are gonna make it, and its gonna be amazing! Its gonna be an amazing way for kids to get reading down for school! Here are some highlights:

Who is the library for?

  • It is for the kids (all ages) at the Boys and girls club.
  • They should be able to use it any time of the day, except for when the club is closed.
  • Its not for parents, but parents can use it if there kid cant be there, they can come and get a book for them.

How does it work?

  • You do not need a library card.
  • There can be a sign out form (paper and pen) so we can know who is taking the books out. The sign out sheet should include:
    • First and last name
    • Grade
    • Name of book
  • The sign out form will be on a clip board that is sticking to the roof of the little library. The sign out sheet will be connected to the clip board.
  • You can keep the book out as long as you want so long as you bring it back.
  • You can only take one book out at once.
  • The library will be unlocked
  • It will have a window (plexiglass) so you can see through to see what books are there
  • When kids return the books, there will be a little extra shelf for returns, and then write your name down on the clip board to say you returned it.
  • We (Autumn, Stephan) can check on the library once a week to make sure it stays organized.



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