Little free STEM library

Today me and Stephen were looking up pictures of little free libraries to get some ideas about how we want to make ours. We are excited about being able to share STEM books with everyone! There were some pretty cool ones and we got a really good idea from one of them. I hope we get to make it because it would be really cool to make one. We drew out our ideas and now we will are going to build it!  Also everyone else that is in GET City is working on their inventions.


A picture of what we want our library free library to look like


A sketch of how we will make our library and where it is going to go!


One thought on “Little free STEM library

  1. What a GREAT idea to build a little STEM library! Where will you put your library? In the club itself? Or outside? What are some cool books that you would like in your library?

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