Developing our ideas

Today in get city everyone looked at videos of people doing presentations of the inventions they came up with to get ideas about how others present their ideas. Now everyone is adding to the posters maps that they made last week on how to help the problems that they all picked from the survey results that they found (see last week’s post!). One group came up with a light up backpack that has a solar powered docking station for their phones! Another group came up with human and solar powered seat warmers at bus stops! Also we were talking about how in December we are gonna do this Engineering Show Case and this is were everyone is gonna show there inventions that they came up with and get feedback from the experts. This is will help everyone move onto the next design steps.

In this picture you see some of the kids working on their posters in the background. This is me being a little silly. I also got to be in charge of the music playlist. It is going to snow so I wanted to put on some winter tunes. And my band is playing at the holiday lights event this week!


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