Community Ethnography

Today we are going around the community and asking people questions about things that are going around their community and how they feel about it. In our interviews we are telling people  about GET City — who we are and what we do. We solve problems using green energy and engineering design. One of the main questions we are asking is: What problems can we solve for YOU in GET City? You can comment here on this post if you have ideas to share! ~Autumn

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3 thoughts on “Community Ethnography

  1. I would love to see GET City solve the problem of ugly & inefficient “air cast” boots. If I am stuck wearing this boot, it should at least help me to convert my walking energy to electricity that could light up my boot in some beautiful ways!

  2. Can the inventors at GET CIty please help me figure out how I can design a green energy dog-leash and collar so I can take my dog out for a walk at night and see what she is doing. I need to be able to see her head so I can stop her if she decides to eat rubbish off the road, which she does!!

  3. Ok, I have a tough one for GET City. It is getting dark earlier and earlier here in Colorado and fall is bringing a lot of rain too. Can you invent something that when I ride my bike home I can stay safe and dry?

    Also, it doesn’t rain much here in the summer so we have to use water to keep our plants and yards alive. Can you help me think about ways to use less water?

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