Phantom Jacket Update

Stephan and PabloUpdate On Our Invention: We have made progress on our invention. We found out that it is hard work to do our invention! It takes a lot of tasks, thinking and getting the right supplies to do our invention. I learned that we need special supplies to take off all the soldering metal from the circuit board and special tools to solder on any components. Now that we have an understanding of how it works we must get the supplies and our invention will begin to be a success, so people may enjoy our invention. I look forward to finishing my invention and presenting my invention to people at the Boys and Girls Club as well as the MSU students. Go Phantom! ~S

One thought on “Phantom Jacket Update

  1. The Phantom Jacket looks like a great project! Green Energy Technology is providing a much needed service in offering hands on experience. Thanks for helping mold the next generation of renewable energy leaders.

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