Feedback cycle day!


We presented our engineering designs today to a panel of experts. We wanted to get feedback on how build the power part of our designs and other technical parts. My design is a duct tape thermometer. Im actually a duct tape expert. I made the hat I’m wearing today. I have also made a cell phone stand and some other cool glamor accessories. The duct tape thermometer is designed to help with the hygiene issues around taking temperatures. Wouldn’t it be cool to have a way to take temperatures of sick people without worrying about that? The duct tape thermometer will help. Some ideas I got today were to consider other possible sensors in addition to temperature, such as respiration rates or pulse. Also, since I wanted to make this solar powered, I was asked to think about how I might collect and store this energy because honestly the devise is probably going to be used indoors. That is it for now! Thanks for reading. ~A

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