Fun Science … Fcience!

One of the Making 4 Change things we do is make our own websites. So today, we want to tell you about our website! What we want to accomplish in our website is to help other children do fun science (or Fcience!), if it is for school or if it is just for fun. We are here to help others and give out tips!

We want pretty much everyone that needs it to visit: investors, students, teachers, and others. This source is for people who like to get their hands dirty and have fun with science. If you want to go the easy and boring route please don’t come to us. We will give exciting stuff.

We get all of our ideas for our website by, pretty much, using our brains and thinking of cool things to share with others. We do ethnography to figure out what our community cares about, and we are also doing some technical investigations. We also get TONS of help from our wonderful GET City staff. They have been very supportive.

We are also here to encourage others while trying something NEW. Our website is to EMPOWER people to want to do science. It isn’t to give every single direction. We are who you can come to for fun science inspiration. If you are struggling, we are here. We WANT to help you!! We also want to inspire good feelings about science and not bad ones, like most kids get from school. Anyways we are here for help!!!  Peace out: J&A

For more information, go to our website

Fun Science website!



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