A light up umbrella

Right now, P’s favorite idea for a new design is a light up umbrella. She picked this idea because it is a safety issue that came up in the surveys. She said that people need to see better when it is dark from night time or from the clouds. She also wants the umbrella to have a heater or cooler to keep you warm or cold. And lastly she wants her umbrella to use green energy. She has the idea that you could put flexible solar panels in the umbrella. Stating that she knows that it might not work so well on a rainy day, she said that her umbrella can be used to keep you shaded in the sun. She might have a battery attached to store the energy from the sun for a rainy day. And we can’t forget about the super cool pocket on the handle so that you can put your phone there, too. Here is her sketch up. ~ A.


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