What do people in our community care about?


Today we designed a survey to get information on the safety issues that people in our community care about. We put the surveys on our ipads. We are using a survey program that uploads the results immediately so we can see what people are saying. Then we tried to figure out what groups of people to survey. Mainly our ideas were: Teens, adults at the club, friends, parents, younger kids, teachers. We decided to try to get people in each of these categories. We also thought that getting ideas from parents and adults at the club was important because they need to support whatever inventions we come up with to help address the safety issues our community faces. I got the job of live blogging the results as they were coming in. I noticed right away that commuting to school or home was the #1 safety issue. And alot of people were also concerned with safety issues when hanging out with friends. thanks for reading! L from GET City

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