Food Investigators!


The “Eat at State On-The-Go” food truck serves up yogurt smoothies to the GET City crew.

A food investigator is not only a person who investigates food, but more specifically someone who uses the tools of science to investigate what is in the food they eat, the role of food in their health, and the health of the environment. This summer, in GET City, we are being food investigators in our community. We have been thinking about the food we eat and where it came from. We are learning how to make healthier choices and what foods are considered healthy. We are also thinking about how food choices impact the environment, in terms of energy use and other issues. We plan to share our research and make changes in our community.

One example of a change we want to make is the Canteen at our club. The Canteen does not have a lot of food variety, and most of the food is not healthy. But we know that if we make changes, we have to keep it attractive to kids.  We have quite a bit of research to do before we can come up with a solid plan, but we will get this done! ~Cami & Christian


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  1. Love these food investigators! Thanks for letting me part of this year’s summer camp. Have tons of great pics that I’d love to share with you all.

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