Get City – Get Aware: Ringtones!

In this video we illustrate our idea for a creative tool for helping to create awareness on environmental issues: RINGTONES!

We designed two ringtones (“turn off the water, turn off the lights” and “litter”). We decided on this idea for two reasons: First, just about everyone has a cell phone, and they carry it with them where ever they go! No better way than to help create awareness then hooking the ideas up with your cell phone. Second, we do things each and everyday that impact the environment, and we just don’t think about it! Its just what we do. We need constant reminders, and well, like we said you will always have your phone with you!

We created our ringtones in GarageBand, and you can download them below. We also want to design more ringtones, such as  “Walk, don’t drive!” and a few more. We also want to make smart phone covers that contain the same messages, keep your phone safe and are made out of re-used materials. Stayed tuned!

Enjoy our movie, which will teach you about our ideas, and demonstrate the ringtones in action! ~ Jalah, Angel, Autumn & Amira

Ringtone Downloads

Don’t Litter   MP3   iTunes Ringtone

Turn Off the Water & Turn Off the Lights  MP3   iTunes Ringtone

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