The four of us are in GET City, and we created a  dance where we teach about saving gas. Actually we were thinking about why its important to get off the power grid. We know that most people think about electricity when they think of the power grid, but we were thinking that gasoline is really part of that same wasteful system we all are a part of.

We thought that saving gas was an important topic because “gas” (or “gasoline” or “petrol”) is an important natural resource that once you use its gone. And, when you use it in your car, it does not burn cleanly and it gives off CO2. And on top of it all, the gas prices are very high. We are mainly using the dance to get people interested and to create awareness so that people will start thinking about it and asking more questions.

Ready! 5-6-7-8
Its what we really need
We got very little
So come on say it with me

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