Summer Guests and Fieldtrips

During the Summer 2011 Program, GET City got a chance to visit a bunch of sites in Michigan that are leaders in sustainable building design, and hosted several experts that shared their work and ideas with the group.  Here are some highlights.

Becky Jo Farrington and Jennifer Allen of Michigan Energy Works help GET City youth get smarter about LEED Certification

Ruth Daoust, manager of MSU Surplus and Recycling, describes exterior LEED-certified features of the new Surplus Store and Recycling Center on the campus of Michigan State University


MSU's Surplus and Recyling Center is LEED Gold certified.

MSU's Surplus and Recyling Center is LEED Gold certified.


Paul, Autumn and Takumi check out recycling at the MSU Surplus Store and Recycling Center


Norm Lownds, curator of the MSU Children’s garden, discusses Sedum with Jalah, Autumn and Angel on the green roof of the Plant and Soil Science Building.


Ziah takes the temperature of a green roof


Dr. Brad Rowe, MSU expert on Green Roof Technology, fields questions from GET city youth about the benefits of incorporating a green roof into the design of a building.


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