Earth Day Carnival

Today GET City put on an Earth Day Carnival to show the community what we have learned about being green. The carnival featured ten different stations, including hands-on experiments with CFL and LED light bulbs, solar hydrogen for fuel cell cars, wind power, and the LEED-certification design for the new Teen Center.  There were lots of giveaways such as CFL light bulbs, backpacks with green slogans created by attendees, and reusable grocery bags.

Thanks to the hard work of the GET City team and great donations from area businesses, the Carnival was a great success, with over 100 people attending and filling their Green Energy Passport.  Thanks to all for the hard work and support! Special thanks to our local sponsors:



Autumn describes the advantages of CFL and LED light bulbs

Tyresha demonstrates how to measure the temperature near an incadescent light bulb

Kaylin demonstrates solar hydrogen production for fuel cell cars

Jayla shows off the Teen Center design, which we plan to be LEED certified


Charlton demonstrates electricity production from wind.


Becky Jo Farrington of Michigan Energy Options demonstrates human energy production on a stationary bicycle.


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