Restoration Works in Lansing

Cammi, Jazzy, and Chontalice at the restoration site.

Restoration Works in Lansing is a joint project of Lansing Community College, the Ingham County Land Bank, and Allen Neighborhood Center to restore two vacant properties along East Kalamazoo Street. GET City visited the house to obtain ideas on how they should design, a possible new Teen Center addition to the Boys and Girls’ Club. We are designing the Teen Center with LEED certification in mind, and this trip was very insightful.

Sean Huberty, Lansing Community College Professor who is over the project, took the students on a tour of the house. Sean showed us damaged areas of the house and how he and his students planned to remodel it to turn it into a green energy home that is environmentally  friendly. We also learned ways to build three-dimensional physical models of our designs.

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