Pleasant View Energy Audit

Marie taking notes about the energy audit and specifying which electronics were left on.

Get City visited Pleasant View Magnet School to audit of the schools energy use and conservation practices. Pleasant View is an elementary school next door to the Boys and Girls Club, and many Get City participants either attend or have attended Pleasant View. During the after-school hours, Get City surveyed classrooms and computer labs, looking for ways that energy was being wasted or could be saved.  Feedback was left for the teachers in the form of notecards, as shown below.

Three main ways to improve energy efficiency were identified:

  1. Turn off computer monitors when not in use
  2. Turn off lights at the end of the school day
  3. Watch out for electrical devices and machines that consume energy even when not being used, like printers and copy machines.

Thanks to Cathy DeShambo, manager of the the Lansing Schools Energy Program, for assisting with our audit!

Green Card - Get city used these to mark electronics and appliances that were properly turned off. ("Thank you for doing your part to save energy")


Red Card - Used to mark electronics and appliances that were left on overnight. ("Oops! Did you forget something?")


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Angel is interviewed by Theresa to discuss her opinion of Pleasant View’s energy use.

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