Erickson Power Plant Trip

Outside before entering the power plant

Get City took a trip to the Erickson Power Station, a coal plant operated by the Lansing Board of Water & Light (LBWL). The Board of Water and Light serves the Cities of Lansing, East Lansing and Delta Township. LBWL is capable of producing 695 megawatts of power. LBWL gets it coal from Powder River Basin mines in Wyoming. It’s called Western coal, and costs about 80% to 90% less than coal from the Appalchia region and produces less sulfur and nitrogren oxides emissions making it cleaner to to burn.  LBWL also offers its customers a Greenwise Power Program that distributes power from green sources such as Hydoelectric, Wind, Solar and Biomass.


The turbine, which produces the electricity


The funnel that delivers coal


Angel and Danny suit up






Our host, Mr. Les, answers questions


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