Change a light, Change Michigan (Update)

Jessalyn and Chontealice show off their progress in changing incadescent bulbs for CFLs. They’re also measuring energy saved and carbon dioxide emissions eliminated.

Did you know that incandescent light bulbs use five times as much energy as compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs), causing more coal to be burned and more carbon to be emitted into the atmosphere? GET City youth do, and they are doing something about it! During November and December, the youth in GET City have been comparing the differences in how much energy it takes to power an incandescent light bulb versus a CFL and how much light and heat energy each of the bulb types produces.

They have they been converting their own energy into electricity using a handheld DC generator, to get a feel for how much power 60 Watts really is, and they have used their new knowledge to educate others in their families and communities on the importance of using energy efficient bulbs. They set a goal of personally getting 1000 bulbs changed in their community. They have already changed 346!

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